Jean Krill, no secrets to being a great teacher; just passion

| 29 Apr 2021 | 01:15
In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week May 3-7, we asked local students to write us about their favorite teachers. You’ll find some of those letters in the print edition of the paper this week. We then then went out and interviewed those rock star educators. Here’s our teacher spotlight on Jean Krill.

By Abby Wolf

Tell us about one of your best days on the job.

I don’t have one best day. I have been lucky to have many “best” moments.

High school students who come back and volunteer in my classroom - it is amazing to see the growth since 2nd grade.

Watching a student smile when reading a book because they now can understand a joke or conversation between characters.

Jumping on swings with the kids and racing to see who can go the highest.

Shopping in the local supermarket and having kids of all ages running over to me to say hello.

Having former students (now young adults) contact me to see how I am doing!

How long have you been a teacher?

This is my 20th year in Central Valley Elementary School in the Monroe Woodbury School District. I teach 2nd grade and have been the fully online teacher this year. I welcomed back 5 of my 22 students on Monday, April 12th. I continue to teach 17 students online each day.

Tell us about the past year – the good and the bad.

Last year’s class had a weekly bedtime story where we met around 6:00 p.m. online in our PJs and shared a story. This was certainly a highlight of our online classroom. The parents I worked with last year and this year are awesome. Together we learned to navigate our new adventure.

I have learned much - first and foremost, children are so very resilient and forgiving. They laugh with me over technology issues and are still so very engaged with lessons. I have also learned to not take myself too seriously - many times the lessons are in conversations, not curriculum.

What motivates you?

No matter how I feel in the mornings - the smiling, eager faces of 2nd graders makes me smile and feel grateful for my job!

What’s the secret to being a great teacher?

I don’t believe there are any secrets. It is a passion that you follow.

What made you want to be a teacher?

23 years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Ever since I was a little girl, I had dreamed of being a teacher. My experience with cancer caused me to step up and follow my dreams!

How do you spend your time when you’re not teaching?

I love to travel! My husband and I have only 12 states left to visit! We have also been to many countries in Europe, Fiji and Australia. I have a sister who lives in Switzerland and can’t wait to get back to see her.