From Lauren Phillips' third grade class at Central Valley Elementary

| 01 May 2020 | 01:54

Third graders were asked to write a letter to someone who helped them. Here are their responses.

Dear Eva,

Thank you for helping me learn how to get the volleyball over the net and more moves. You helped me so much that now I can play a good game with my brother. Before that, we would win every time. Thank you!

- Lilah Zahavi

Dear Dad,

Thank you for helping me when I get hurt. If I do something wrong, you can fix it. If I am sad, you play with me. Also, thank you for teaching me how to ski when I was little. Now I am a good skier. So, thank you for teaching me a lot of things.

- Mia Cancellieri

Dear Coach Brendan,

Thank you for helping get better at soccer skills. When I started travel soccer, I could kick and dribble the ball. Now, I am one of the best thanks to you. I learned at least thirty moves. I learned a scissor-cut, a magic turn, and many more. You helped me with passing and kicking. I was always an accurate scorer, but Coach, you helped me when I could not really do a lace shot. I’m just trying to say thank you for being a nice and very, very great soccer teacher! You make me want to go to practice and you make me a better player. So, I’ll say it now, “Thank you for being the best teacher ever.” I would not be writing this note if I did not mean what I said. This is what I really think of you, Coach.

- Christian Agius