YouTube. 4-H Animal Science Program offers online series on raising a kitten

03 Nov 2020 | 01:11

Cornell Cooperative Extension Orange County’s 4-H Animal Science Program will begin a new educational online series called “Cat Science: Raising Pollo” hosted by Maggie Smith, 4-H Animal Science program manager.

This will be the third Animal Science online series, following both the “Incubation and Embryology” and “Geese, Turkeys And Chickens, Oh My!” series which launched earlier this year and are still viewable on CCE Orange County’s YouTube channel.

“While the COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult for us all, I am excited to be able to continue this online initiative to teach youth how to properly care for a pet,” said Smith. “This series was a suggestion made by our very own 4-H members, and I truly think it is relatable across a diverse audience.”

Smith will be creating videos for youth to watch and learn how to raise a kitten through demonstrations with her own kitten, Pollo. The series will be separated into one 10-minute video per week and will be viewable on Cornell Cooperative’s YouTube channel, social media accounts and website at

Videos will be launched on Mondays at 11 a.m. beginning Nov. 9 on the following schedule:

Nov. 9 – Bringing Pollo Home: Kitten Care including Feeding & Socializing

Nov. 16 – Treating Giardia and Daily Care

Nov. 23 – Kitten Care 101: Potty Training and Bath Time

Nov. 30 – How to Keep Good Vet Records

Dec. 7 – Neutering and Spaying

Dec. 14 – The History of Cats and Body Parts of the Cat

Dec. 21 – Cat Showmanship

For more information, visit the CCE Facebook page, Orange County 4-H Facebook page, CCE’s Website at of their YouTube channel at CCE Orange or call 845-344-1234.