Your home. Holiday house decorating by the Master Gardener volunteers

11 Nov 2020 | 02:10

Let us decorate the front of your house for the holidays! Using fresh greens, ribbons and bows, our Master Gardener volunteers at Cornell Cooperative Extension Orange County will get the front of your house ready for the holidays.

They will garnish it with wreaths and garland and use fresh greens to transform two of your planters.

Help support our organization and spread some holiday cheer. The Master Gardener volunteers will be decorating only two houses in Orange County this holiday season, so don’t miss out on your chance.

The price is $400. Registration will be opened on Monday, Nov. 16, at 8 a.m. on Cornell Cooperative’s website.

Visit to register.

Master Gardener volunteers will be in contact with you once you make your purchase to set up a time to scout out your house. Then they will decorate the first week in December.

For more information, contact Susan D’Egidio at 845-344-1234 ext. 240 or by email at