'Life is a Highway'

Monroe. Chiropractor Steve Pavia’s new book chronicles his testicular cancer journey and recovery.

11 Mar 2020 | 08:45

Monroe chiropractor Dr. Steven Pavia will introduce his new book, “Life is a Highway,” at a book launch on Thursday, March 19 at 6 p.m. at the Captain’s Table.

The book tells the story of Pavia’s battle with stage 2 testicular cancer. He was diagnosed in December 2018.

“(It’s) ironic since I have practiced good, healthy methods my entire life and have been spent my 35-year career serving the Monroe community in a holistic and nutrition-based chiropractic practice,” he wrote in a note to The Photo News.

Pavia said learned his only choices seemed to be to do the medical protocol of chemotherapy, bone marrow stimulation and subsequent surgery.

“It basically forced me to quarantine myself for three months,” he said. “I succumbed to the pressure and went ahead with it, but spent the brunt of my time researching and enlightening myself to alternative ways to heal myself. As I implemented all the natural methods I learned about how diet, stress and lifestyle affects our health, and the miracles that came along the way, I was able to rid my body of cancer in half the time and without surgery.”

Pavia said his book chronicles his journey from cancer back to full health and offers information about the natural protocols he leaned along the way, which he added: “many that the reader can put into motion right away as they travel on their own cancer journey or to prevent it in the first place.”

At his book event, Pavia said he will give a short talk about the material in the book and offer information about cancer that he said the mainstream cancer industry doesn’t tell patients.

A proceeds of book sales will benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

- Nancy Kriz