Next generation of engineers descend on Robotics4U open house
Chester. Visitors came to see what students have designed and programmed, including the Spirograph, Musical Sequencer, Basketball Bot, Snow Plower Bot, Mars Rover, and Robotic Dance Party, among many others.

Software engineer Monali Monali Verma (right) and Legoland New York's Officer Parks (center back) with students and participants of the recent open house (Photo provided)

Robotics4U, a robotics training center in Florida that aims to inspire the next generation of engineers and innovators, had a big turnout at its June 29 open house.
Overseen by engineer Monali Verma of Chester, students work in teams under experienced instructors to build and program robotic models and products. Junior-level engineers use Dash and Dot Robots from Wonder Workshop, while apprentice and senior-level engineers use Lego EV3 Mindstorms Robotic Kits. Their goal is to allow kids to explore the field of robotics in a fun way, with a focus on creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) learning is integrated and applied to the real world.
Visitors to the open house came to see what students have invented. They include the Spirograph, Musical Sequencer, Toddle Bot, Security Alarm System, Line Follower, Launcher, Basketball Bot, Snow Plower Bot, Mars Rover, Xylophone Player, Butterfly Life Cycle Tutor Bot, Special Delivery Bot, Robotic Dance Party, among many others.
They also had a surprise visit by Leogland New York's Officer Parks and Phil Royle, director of operations and development.
The program is open to student engineers ages 5 to 15. Robotics4U also offers camps and workshops.
Verma has more than 15 years of experience of the software industry and is a passionate teacher. She invites everyone to "crank up your gears, bolt on over, and get ready to upgrade your kids to the next version of robotics and programming."
Robotics4U is located at the Orange County Sports Club, Studio S1, 1743 Route 17A, Florida. For more information call 845-554-3106, email, or visit