Monroe Orange County School of Dance presents 'Alice in Wonderland' on June 15

Provided photo The Orange County School of Dance presents the ballet, "Alice in Wonderland," on Saturday, June 15.

Orange County School of Dance presents its first ballet, "Alice in Wonderland," under the direction of Joanna Markowitz on Saturday, June 15, at 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. The show will be held at the Little Feet Theater at 22 Lake St. in Monroe. Alice is performed by Sousa Scholarship-recipient for performing arts Vivian Lowe. The dancers are: White Rabbit: Elizabeth Baj, Mad Hatter: Tara Belizaire, Mouse: Mary Kate Escobar, Dutchess: Ava Donagher, Queen of Hearts: Avlinn Jaskowski, Frog: Jade Duffy, Small Alice: Molly Foley, Alice's Sister: Emily Frias, Garden Ballerinas: Isabelle Woods, Ava Donagher, Emily Frias, Abby Maldonado, Katie Cox, Mary Kate Escobar, Brooklyn Podesta, Evelyn Morris, Amelie Avram, Evalie Seid, Grace Matthews, Sasha Newman, and Cards: Emily Hashim, Miriam Kuvshinov, Arielle Seid and Molly Foley. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased in advance at the Monroe office, 782-2482 or at the door. For more information visit us on Facebook or Instagram.