'The YMCA facility in Monroe performs a useful, sometimes life-saving function'

Mayor Dwyer:
I am not a Monroe resident (I live in Highland Mills), but I do use the facilities of the YMCA in Monroe for exercise, health maintenance and social interaction as I know many of your constituents do as well. My wife Carole and I have been faithful members of the Y since the disaster called Hurricane Irene.
As a result of that catastrophe, we endured four feet of stream water in our basement, rendering our electric, cable and freshwater resources useless for weeks.
That meant no phone (other than cell), no TV for news and, worst of all, no hot showers.
Now we could have relied on the "kindness of strangers," showering at some sympathetic neighbors' homes, which we did. But you can only impose on others for so long.
That's where the YMCA came in. By joining the Y, which we did as a result of Irene, my wife and I could experience the "luxury" of a much-needed hot shower whenever we needed.
After the local Fire Department pumped out our basement and Woodbury Community Association members helped move mountains of debris to the curb, the wheels of FEMA ground slowly to help us and get us "up" and operation.
But during that dark time, the Y was the light at the end of our tunnel of trouble.
I'm not interested in the politics of this moment. I just know that the YMCA facility in Monroe performs a useful, sometimes life-saving function and a pathway to improved health.
In my view, an accommodation that would allow that good work to continue is "the right thing to do."
Thank you,
Bob Curtis
Highland Mills