'Watch out Heaven'

My family would like to express their sincere condolences to the family of the late K.J. Walters. He suddenly passed away last week.
For those not familiar with Mr. K. J. Walters, he was a regular contributor to The Photo News. Whenever we would open the Letter to the Editors section of The Photo News we would think "There is another letter from Mr. K. J. Walters … where does he find the time?"
Based on the quantity and quality of the letters he certainly should have been hired as a columnist.
Regular readers may have certainly been familiar with the wit, candor and expressiveness of Mr. K. J. Walters. Whether you agreed with him or not, he always inspired us to think. We could see the intentions of this excellent English professor’s writings: to provoke thought and encourage conversation.
Mr. Walters was not only a man of wisdom but also a wonderful husband, a loving father of two, a great uncle and, to my family, the best of friends. Mr. Walter’s children grew up together with our children who are still friends until this day, most particularly both of our oldest sons.
I remember many discussions with Mr. Walters whenever he picked up his children at my house. He always had time to debate, always had a kind and encouraging word and always made time to smell the roses. A wonderful man indeed.
We will surely miss Mr. K. J. Walters but I can just see him now challenging those angels way up high. So watch out Heaven!
With love and support,
Jean Morales and the Morales Family