Vote NO on annexation

On the issue of Palm Tree, we have been reminded time and again that 83 percent of Monroe citizens have spoken and that democracy still works.
Most voted for the new town based on the “back door” political agreement between Kiryas Joel and United Monroe, which supposedly prevented KJ from initiating any future annexations for ten years
Well, I’m sure by now that most of you are fully aware that KJ has already begun a new land annexation and that UM “will not oppose it in any way.”
This is why it was so necessary to have had elected officials at that Palm Tree negotiating table, representatives who would have been held politically accountable to the people for enforcement of this agreement.
Unfortunately, this was not the case as United Monroe provided the political coverage necessary for those elected officials who should have been at that table.
So, without considering the merits, or lack thereof, of this particular annexation request, I am now respectfully petitioning the representatives of this town to vote against this annexation.
If the town board approves this annexation, they will be ignoring the will of the majority who voted for Palm Tree, most considering the no-annexation clause, and who will then realize they were sold a “bill of goods” by United Monroe - an organization which has never been held accountable to anyone but their own political agenda.
Tom Lapolla