The reality of us

Over the course of many years, I have been a critic of Kiryas Joel and the Hasidic community. Upon recent reflection, I have come to realize that they are not very different from the main lanes of our society.
Unfortunately we live in an era where the law is not dispensed equally to all citizens.
We live in a society where in many cases wealth can determine your successful attainment of material goals.
We have acquired politicians who are craven and are controlled by selfish interests contrary for the public good.
There are many examples of the issues we face locally and nationally. A few weeks back a matzoh factory in KJ was cited for its pollution. I believe it was in compliance for about 60 percent of its mandate, yet it was never closed down.
I had written a letter to the editor a few months back about measles in KJ and to my knowledge nothing was done to deal with that situation.
KJ and its extended community continue to build without water or adequate sewerage functions.
If we want to put a deck on our homes we go through hoops to be certified by the local town inspectors. Nevertheless, some of us careen through life flaunting our laws and regulations.
Nationally we have a society which cages children, denies truth, propagandizes and scapegoats minorities. Women, minority groups and the middle class are striving to overcome a top heavy society in which there is not equal opportunities nor pay.
The community of KJ is not so different. They may appear an isolated society with specific mores but I submit they reflect our basic societal imbalance. They manipulate, influence, deny, ignore and threaten those who challenge them.
Does that sound familiar?
Fortunately, there is a simple solution to our local and national dilemma. That course is basic and institutional. It is to obey the law; enforce the law with equity to all and to eliminate special interests and count all votes.
Our constitution provides the answers ... all we need are local and national leaders who recognize the true nature of our nation ... a society of laws.
Steve Zecher