United Monroe 'will rely on this town board to make the right decision on this annexation petition'

Recently, the village of Kiryas Joel submitted a petition to annex KJ-owned land located in the town of Monroe where its municipal wells and park are located.
The next day Kiryas Joel wrote to United Monroe. KJ stated that it recognizes that the 2017 Settlement Agreement among KJ, United Monroe, and Preserve Hudson Valley and the 2018 New York State Supreme Court-ordered Stipulation both clearly prohibit such an annexation, made its case for why it believes this annexation is vitally needed, and asked us to consider granting a waiver of the prohibition.
United Monroe led the successful 5 year effort to replace the prior town board that had been elected by KJ, unduly favored that village’s interests, and failed, time after time, to govern independently or in the best interests of all of Monroe’s residents.
Over those years, we endorsed and campaigned for the election of the members of the current town board. We believed they would govern equitably and wisely for the benefit of the public interest of all residents. We have witnessed this town board make its best efforts to do exactly that for several years now. And, we trust it will apply that same governing principle to its evaluation of the proposed Kiryas Joel annexation.
Therefore, United Monroe will rely on this town board to make the right decision on this annexation petition as well. We will support the town board's decision, regardless of whether it approves or denies the annexation. If it issues an approval, we will not oppose it in any way.
The Executive Committee of United Monroe