In Colin Schmitt we have a true fighter in Albany

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To the Editor:

During the campaign season, you often hear a lot of empty promises coming from the mouths of candidates that are just trying to win your vote. Many of the representatives that were recently elected certainly fit into that category. I am relieved to say that my recently elected Assemblyman, Colin Schmitt, was not one of those candidates. On the campaign trail, he vowed to the residents of the 99th Assembly District that if elected, he would hit the ground running on day one.

Just by following his activity for his first month in office, I am proud to say he has done just that. Assemblyman Schmitt has already been fighting for our local governments, introducing legislation that would provide real property tax relief, and has co-sponsored bills that have already been signed into law as a freshman Assemblyman! His energy and drive is incredible, second to none, and it’s a refresher for this entire area to have a true fighter up in Albany. Everyone inside and outside of his district should be happy that we have his voice representing us.

Susan Bauman


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