What’s the proposed plan?

MONROE — A map of the South Orange Family YMCA’s proposed roadway improvements, obtained by The Photo News, shows the current proposed second egress plan and how traffic would flow through the Y’s campus to access Route 17M.
Highlights are:
• Create a raised median /plaza at end of Gilbert Street Extension with bollards to prevent cut through traffic. Bollards are short posts used to divert traffic from an area or road.
• The bollards would be removable for emergency service vehicles to pass through in case of blockage on Route 208 or other emergency situation.
• A sidewalk is planned along the Wally’s side of the new roadway from Route 17M to the Heritage Trail and extending to the Y.
• The sidewalk crossing to the Y would include a raised crosswalk/speed table to reduce vehicle speeds to 5 to 10 mph in the parking lot.
• The Heritage Trail crossing will be built to the latest standards as per other crossings of the trail, including the proposed County Route 50/Golf Links Road and other crossings of the trail proposed between Goshen and Middletown.
• Any traffic tempted to use the Y parking lot would be reduced to speeds of 5 to 10 mph due to the geometry of the parking lot and would be required to make no less than five turns, including a U-turn. Y officials say this will deter anyone wanting to use the Y campus as a vehicle cut through from Route 208 to Route 17M.
• The proposed roadway will meet Route 17M at a new traffic signal that Smith Farm has committed to install (SEQRA determination).
• The proposed roadway will intersect Route 17M at an existing access point that both Wally’s and the laundromat use presently. No new driveway location is being added.
• Improved and safer access to Route 17M will be provided to the adjoining businesses on Route 17M at no cost to them.
Y officials said they welcomed anyone visiting the facility to learn more about the proposal.
- Nancy Kriz