New Yorkers resolve to waste less in the new year

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Warwick Repair Cafe on Jan. 19

Bring your beloved but broken item to the Warwick Repair Cafe from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 19, at the Senior Center (behind the town hall complex), 132 Kings Highway, Warwick.
We will repair lamps, clocks and other electrical items, bicycles, jewelry, textiles and clothing, soft toys, small scale wooden/wicker items, sharpen knives, scissors, and tools as well as host an adult-supervised Kids-Take-It-Apart Table. The limit is two items per person.
We do not have anyone to repair computers...yet! Could that be you?
Do you have questions about what kind of items you can bring for repair? Or would you like to offer your skills to repair things for your neighbors?
If so, contact Elizabeth Knight at 845-544-1056 or email

As we start the new year, make a resolution to waste less. Reducing your waste doesn't have to be an all-or-nothing goal. Swapping one habit for another is all it takes to start living a more waste free friendly lifestyle.

We asked you what your waste less resolutions were for 2019, and here's some of what we heard:

Catherine would like to prevent packaging waste by buying snacks in bulk to pack at home and by buying in store with her reusable bag rather than online to prevent shipping packaging.

Roxy would like to reduce clothing waste by only purchasing clothing from thrift stores.

Pat would like to reduce paper and plastic waste by keeping her own reusable plate, bowl, cup, and silverware at her work desk.

What else can you do?

At home:

• Compost at home

• Pledge to waste less food

• Pledge to waste less single-use plastics

• Replace your shampoo bottle with a shampoo bar

• Learn to cook with leftovers, overripe fruit and root to stem

At the grocery store:

• Buy ugly fruit and vegetables

• Bring your own reusable bags

• Gift a reusable bag to the person behind you in line

• Buy in bulk to avoid unnecessary packaging

• Bring reusable containers to buy loose pasta, beans, etc., in bulk

• Purchase food in recyclable packaging

Community engagement:

• Participate in a river clean-up

• Attend or volunteer at a repair café (see sidebar)

• Sport your reusable water bottle around town

• Go plogging — jogging while plucking trash from the ground

• Volunteer at a local food bank, food pantry or soup kitchen

Email a picture of you following through with your resolution to waste less to and it could be featured in a future DECDelivers.

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

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