United Monroe: 'Today marks a new era in the history of our great community of Monroe'

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United Monroe post the following on its Facebook page on Jan. 1:

Today marks a new era in the history of our great community of Monroe. Officially, Kiryas Joel is no longer within the boundaries of our Town.

Because of the hard work and support of you - the citizens and voters of Monroe - Kiryas Joel and Monroe are now politically independent from each other on the municipal level.

Here's what this means:

1. The Town of Palm Tree, which contains all of Kiryas Joel, begins today.

2. Palm Tree and Kiryas Joel will become a co-terminous Town/Village, and will be governed by one board.

3. Palm Tree and KJ will remain coterminous for a minimum of ten years.

4. Palm Tree / KJ will not initiate, endorse, or approve any annexations from Monroe or Blooming Grove for a period of ten years.

5. The Kiryas Joel School District remains separate from the Monroe-Woodbury School District. All land within Palm Tree will be in the KJ School District.

6. The population of Monroe is reduced by approximately half.

7. This population reduction means that nearly 11,000 registered bloc voters will no longer participate in Monroe Town elections.

Five years ago, we learned of a petition to annex 507 acres of land from Monroe into KJ. If not for the alertness and involvement of all of you, The physical and political landscapes of Monroe would be practically unrecognizable today.

We fought hard and earned ourselves a civil and accountable Town government. Supervisor Cardone, and Councilpersons McGinn, Scancarello, Bingham and Colon have the Town on a path of fiscal responsibility. Together, we changed the face and heart of Monroe for the better.

Nothing is ever "over" though. We must remain alert and involved. There will be new Town elections every two years. It is up to us to hold new candidates accountable as they seek elected office in Monroe.

But today, we have all earned a moment of peace and reflection. We have done so much good together.

Best wishes to you all as we take on 2019.

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