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Recent events in our area require some sort of response which in part reflects the general populace and not a special interest. Our situation in Orange County in many ways reflects the national trauma which we all face in a myriad of ways.

The recent condemnation of James Skoufis by the Hasidic rabbi is beyond contempt. The accusation that Mr. Skoufis is evil because he opposes the political objectives of Kiryas Joel is almost laughable if not so sad.

Mr. Skoufis won despite the bloc vote of KJ. He has looked into many of the excesses of KJ over the years. This has nothing to do with anti-Semitism.

KJ is a political entity which has expanded and wielded enormous influence upon its neighbors. They demand equality and deny it to their neighbors.

Setting up poles and boundaries in a community in order to circumvent religious requirements is an “interesting” methodology. No one questions one's religious zeal except when it violates others rights.

Why do we need these lines drawn all over our neighborhoods?

Why can't people follow their religion without a physical manifestation which changes a neighborhood?

This is not the first time nor the last, unfortunately, that KJ and its community trample others rights.

They build without adequate water and sewer facilities.

They take huge grants and loans from the EFC and I wonder how many of their loans are ever repaid.

They build the great wall of Eininger Road, the draw lines in their community and the demonstrate a desire to be isolated from the world around them but for one item - they want that world to supply them with the needs and funds so necessary for their existence.

Many in our area live here because of its rural and beautiful natural environment. Yet, KJ and its minions move here with the objective of changing this world. They accuse others of anti-Semitism when towns such as Chester want to keep their rural landscape.

If people can draw lines and erect poles around their areas, why do they deny that same right to towns of people who also have an ethos they want to maintain?

Crying wolf is a sad state of affairs. KJ violates our water,sewer and other legalities. Our politicians have been absent from the dance for most of the expansion.

When some as Mr. Skoufis demand accountability, they are charged as being evil.

Life in my view is not that simple.

The recent issue over parochial school regulation was diluted by political ineptitude in Albany and should not be passed on to local school districts.

KJ's annexation will cost Monroe dearly, impact the school district and cause much chaos in the future.

KJ and others like it do not prepare its students for full participation in the society at large. It is tragic that this is allowed to occur.

The situation exists and voters in the last election showed that they are aware of the threat KJ and its ilk pose to a democratic society.

The question remains for political institutions to respond in order to support everyone and not to demean anyone.

KJ and Orange County reflects the polarization of our society.

In my view, KJ cannot go on to demean elected official, flaunt its political will, abuse the environment, keep women in virtual bondage and challenge existing mores without being required to alter some of their tenets in order to fit a modern society

Steve Zecher


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