Integrative Weight Loss, Wellness & Life Coaching Expert Kerri Lumsden: Healthy Eating

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  • Kerri Lumsden, MSN

What can I do to help me stick to healthy eating?

Healthy eating for many of us is considered a lifestyle change. Whether you're a busy mom adjusting to getting the kids back to school, or preparing for the upcoming seasonal changes, or just trying to navigate through your constant waves of life’s ups & downs … either way.... CHANGE IS HARD… and uncomfortable.... yet necessary! We often make our seasons of change much harder than necessary. On this weight loss journey of ours, we can take ownership for things that we normally overlook by FOOD LOGGING. Studies found that people who log their food, eat about 15% less... and make better food choices... leading to better weight loss results.

Why? It forces us to do two necessary things...

1.Learn about what we're eating. 2. Maintains a level of awareness and honesty with ourselves. If you're not food logging, try it for a week and notice the difference it makes in your weight loss efforts.

If you have any questions about weight loss strategies or the above information, please do not hesitate to contact me at or by phone 845-210-6536

Kerri Lumsden

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