'We need to show children that we will protect them more than our guns'

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We put our children through all this training and security because we refuse to address the problem at its source: The guns that are allowed to circulate and the people who are allowed to own them.

It would be useful for the Supreme Court to revisit the Second Amendment. A right in the context of "a well-regulated militia" has surely been misinterpreted to be a personal right to own firearms.

There was no need in the 18th century to protect personal gun rights, but there was a need for the States to have militias, keep arms in an armory and bear arms against an enemy (Native Americans) rather than wait for help to arrive from Washington.

If the Second Amendment were intended to guarantee personal gun ownership, it would have been written differently.

It would have made that point clear and would have said nothing about "a well-regulated militia."

Meanwhile, we should kill the romance of the gun as we killed the romance of the cigarette: With public service ads that show the truth about gun victims.

And gun owners need to understand that in the fantasy world of TV and movies, guns solve problems.

But in the real world, guns cause problems and make trivial problems immeasurably worse.

I am sorry for the tragic loss of all these children. We need to show the children of America that we love them and will protect them more than our guns.

Keith Walters


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