Informational sessions set for Feb. 15 and 22 about The Gardens at Harriman Station

The proposed 130-acre Transit Oriented Development would a total 1,500 homes in walkable neighborhoods

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  • Images from The Garden at Harriman Station concept plan The proposed Gardens at Harriman Station development would be located within the Villages of Woodbury and Harriman, adjacent to the Harriman Train Station. The site would be accessed via New York State Route 17.

  • Developer Neil Gold plans to build a mixture of apartments, townhouses and single-family dwellings, 1,500 homes in total in walkable neighborhoods, as opposed to more traditional suburban two-acre lot, or one-acre lot subdivisions.

— Developer Neil Gold will host informational gatherings on Feb. 15 and 22 to discuss his proposed 130-acre residential and commercial community known as The Gardens at Harriman Station.

The plans for the transit oriented development (TOD) are being reviewed by the Village of Woodbury Planning Board.

Gold plans to build a mixture of apartments, townhouses and single-family dwellings, 1,500 homes in total in walkable neighborhoods.

The state Department of Environment Conservation described the project's overall goal in a June 14, 2017, bulletin thusly: "to construct an intimate environment emphasizing the value of neighborhoods and encouraging social interactions throughout daily activities."

The site consists of 112.3 acres within the Village of Woodbury, 12.6 acres within the Village of Harriman and 5.1 acres are located in the Town of Monroe.

The site would be accessed via Route 17.

The development would be located within the Villages of Woodbury and Harriman, adjacent to the Harriman Train Station. No development is being proposed on the portion of the project site located in the unincorporated Town of Monroe.

The Village of Woodbury Zoning requires that 50 percent of all the units must be two bedrooms or less and 20 percent of the total units must be affordable.

There also would be more than 250,000 square feet of retail space, creating easy access to shopping, personal services, restaurants and bars.

Other amenities planned are swimming pools, a day care center and recreational opportunities, such as connections to the nearby Heritage Trail and the Appalachian Trail for hiking. The 30-acre wetlands area would become a wetlands park with elevated pathways and an education center.

To thread all of these aspects together, bike lanes, walking paths and a running track will be interwoven throughout the development and separated from vehicular traffic, creating numerous options for extreme accessibility while promoting healthier, more active lifestyles.

In an interview with The Photo News in January 2017, Gold said he sees them appealing to two groups on opposite ends of the spectrum that he says are not being served in the county right now — Millennials and older citizens.

The informational meetings will be held Thursday, Feb. 15, and again on Thursday, Feb. 22, at 5:30 p.m. at the Palaia Winery, 10 Sweet Clover Road in Highland Mills.

All area residents, business owners and other stakeholders are encouraged to attend and gain a better understanding of why this development is so important to the future of Woodbury, Harriman and the surrounding area.

Everyone attending will meet the developer, who will give a short presentation followed by a question and answer session.

An RSVP is recommended, but not required, by calling 845-928-8481 or emailing

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