'May God grant us all peace and harmony'

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Mr. Szegedin, it's time to stop using KJ residents for your ugly politics.

It's terrible to see the antagonizing letter from Mr. Szegedin in the name of KJ residents against the honorable County Executive, Mr. Neuhaus, who is sample of a good leadership for the past four years and more to come.

According to the Torah teachings, we are humble county residents and we understand that whoever opposes KJ leadership policies is not against Orthodox Hasidic people. We condemn in strongest term possible this letter from Mr. Szegedin.

It is very dark for KJ that people like Mr. Szegedin serve as our so-called representative - in fact the KJ village does not represent us at all.

May God grant us all peace and harmony.

Rabbi Yoel Loeb

KJ Committee for Peace and Harmony (kjcfph@gmail.com)

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