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Woodbury is rapidly growing and yet, "voter turnout is way to low." That needs to change. Local elections have a monumental affect on your quality of life, your home values and how your hard earned tax dollars are spent. Water, sewer, zoning and traffic are decided by the people we choose on November 7. Choose Wisely.

Amidee Haviland (BO) has a BA in Government and an MBA in Management Information Sciences. He is an Army Veteran with 28 years of active and reserve duty. I can unequivocally say Bo does not follow the crowd nor does he take the path of least resistance.

Instead, Amidee Haviland (Bo) does the research and makes an informed decision with only the best interest of Woodbury residents in mind.

William Mullooly

Central Valley

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Pool Rules


‘These kids would never be grown’
By Analiese Maciel
So let’s start with Florida, not the town, the state,
It was known as a place where you could sit back, relax, and concentrate.
But on...

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Monroe-Woodbury to enhance school security
By Nancy Kriz
— The Parkland, Florida high, school shootings serve as a solemn reminder to area school districts to...

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Tuxedo always on alert
TUXEDO — Tuxedo School District officials also stressed the events in Parkland, Florida, only reinforce the safety and security...
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District officials: School safety and security is the top priority
Tuxedo and Monroe-Woodbury School District officials reached out to their school communities following last week's mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in...
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