Bo Haviland 'will represent all of Woodbury's citizens'

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I am writing in support of Mr. Amidee (Bo) Haviland’s candidacy for the Woodbury Town Council. Mr. Haviland is personally invested in the betterment of Woodbury. Indeed, he is a married 29-year resident who has raised three children in our community. He is also a proud Army veteran that has served our country with 28 years of combined active and reserve duty. His education includes an MBA degree in Management Information Science and a B.S. and an A.A. in International Relations.

Mr. Haviland has the experience to help guide our town during the next four years. He previously served as a town councilman (2008-2011) and his record shows that he is not afraid to speak up for Woodbury’s best interests. During his time in office he was active in protecting the town’s natural resources, helped to preserve our quality of life and was not afraid to undertake litigation to fight for Woodbury’s rights when our right to due process was threatened by outside interests.

Mr. Haviland’s credentials as a fiscal conservative speak for themselves. He participated in the process that resulted in a 10-year agreement with Cablevision/Optimum that stabilized cable TV rates. Recently, he was actively involved in securing the referendum vote regarding the current Town Board’s $9M Municipal Building Plan which was defeated by a ratio of 3 to 1. Mr. Haviland supports the lower cost $3.7M alternative that will also provide Woodbury with a town center adjacent to the library and senior citizen center which will help revitalize business in Highland Mills and provide a gathering place for the town’s residents.

Ask yourself whether you are better off now than you were two years ago? Are your taxes (town + village) lower? Has traffic flow improved? Is our water source secure? Have the business hamlets of Central Valley and Highland Mills seen any improvement during the past two years?

Mr. Haviland is a straight talking individual who will represent all of Woodbury’s citizens not just the select few. We need a town government that is committed to fiscal transparency and to being answerable to Woodbury’s voters. On Tuesday, November 7, consider making a better choice for Woodbury. Vote for your Town and Village candidates all on row Row A. Vote for Palermo, Hernandez, Haviland, Freiband and Leandry. They are neither politicians nor insiders. They are committed to creating cost effective government that is answerable to the way our hard earned tax dollars are spent.

Yours truly,

Samuel Graff

Highland Mills

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