With the upcoming election, we must confront these issues when considering our vote on November 7th, 2017. Please remember:

• Supervisor Sutz tried to pass the 9 million dollar project without public input;

• Our Police Department was under staffed by more then five police officers and three supervisors for close to two years;

• The library was without a director for a long period of time;

• Supervisor Sutz stated: "We lower taxes with no service cuts" yet many positions went unfilled until recently;

• The Village Planning Board allowed for KJ to build a water pump house at 14 Ridge Road;

• The Village Planning Board allowed for Town of Woodbury's first shul.

These are decisions that were made that can and will have a impact on our community's future.

We must vote for leadership that is for our community. Vote Row A.

Rey Hernandez

Concerned Republican in Woodbury