There's been a lot of ink spilled on candidates' promises of late. In a couple of weeks you will be voting for people to represent your interests on both the town and village level.

I am running for Woodbury Village Trustee.

Let me be brief:

If you think that the money spent on multiple lawsuits to control KJ annexations has been well spent, vote for the incumbents.

If you think you're not being double billed for Town-Village duplication, vote for the incumbents.

If you think residents are being well represented on issues of traffic, water quality, health of local businesses, vote for the incumbents.

If you want real solutions to unify budgets, remove duplicate spending on officers and employees and have a real say in how your government spends your money (without having to resort to mandatory referendum petitions), then vote for me.

My running mate Juana Leandry and I represent experience and vision.

As longtime town residents ourselves, we are running because we are all too aware that our town and village government can do better.

Having town and village governments is duplicative.

They are reactive and lack vision.

When you vote for us, you are voting for change, new ideas and a better direction for Woodbury.

Vote for Row A.

James Freiband

Highland Mills