Looking for common sense in Woodbury's election

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When I moved up to Highland Mills I knew nothing about Woodbury politics. I just voted a straight Democratic ticket. It was years before I realized how corrupt both the local Democratic and Republican committees both were.

Finally, I noticed that when the Democrats repeatedly ran John Burke for town supervisor, the Republicans ran no one.

Then when the Republicans ran Ralph Caruso, the Democrats allowed him to run unchallenged.

The two parties conspired to choose our office holders and gave us no choice.

It wasn't until David Sutz ran for Supervisor as a write-in candidate that we finally had a choice.

The committees are still trying to force feed us their candidates. But now we have choices.

The Common Sense Party is uninterested in straight ticket games.

They are running both Democrats and Republicans, choosing the people who are most interested in what's best for Woodbury, not what's best for the party committees.

Jonathan Swiller

Highland Mills

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