Give all Monroe-Woodbury School District residents a voice

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Esteemed County Legislators:

I’ve learned from reading The Photo News that the Orange County Legislature will vote to decide on a referendum which could allow voters in the Town of Monroe and its three villages to decide on the issue of creating a new Town of Palm Tree to replace and expand Kiryas Joel.

My concern is, as a resident of northern Tuxedo, living in the Monroe-Woodbury School District, that I will have no opportunity to vote on any referendum that will directly impact the school district that I pay substantial school taxes to support.

I also learned that on Tuesday, Aug. 15, the Orange County Legislature will hold a public hearing to solicit public comments.

Typically only “residents” are allowed to comment.

Again, I feel that this would deny me and other northern Tuxedo residents from having a voice in an issue that directly affects our school district’s future.

I feel that the portion of Tuxedo encompassed by the Monroe-Woodbury School District is overlooked as a major financial supporter of the M-W school district since we do not reside within the town boundary.

I feel that it is essential that any referendum include all M-W school district taxpayers’ voices. Any other arrangement, in my view, would be taxation without representation.

I’m writing in hopes that as our representatives you could have residents who reside in the M-W school district eligible to vote in any referendum and allow our voices to be heard at any public hearings that relate to this matter.

I respectfully request a timely response to my concerns since these hearing are pending and should include the voices of all concerned.

Thanks for your consideration.

Kenneth English

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