The letter you published in The Photo News written by United Monroe’s Veronica Connolly was nothing short of a hoax.

In her letter Ms. Connolly references the Declaration of Independence, egregiously juxtaposing themes from that time with the current political disaster United Monroe has created in Orange County.

After digesting her letter I instead could only reflect on the aftermath of World War II and the Nuremberg Trials that followed.

Most think the Nuremberg Trials exclusively led to the conviction of top-raking Nazi officials that perpetrated crimes during the war. That is not entirely accurate.

Most of the people sentenced at these trials were business people, financial backers and other civilians. They were people who followed the orders of their leaders. Some were scared into committing crimes, others just blindly followed.

Both types were rightfully convicted.

As our community sees United Monroe’s house of cards begin to fall, it's important for residents and taxpayers not to get sucked into the desperation of this political movement.

Unfortunately, it seems things will have to get worse before they get better. That’s what happens when good people are frightened and confused.

I do believe that when its all over United Monroe will be exposed and, as seen in Nuremberg, both top-ranking United Monroe political officials and those who helped them will be held accountable for their actions and the destruction they caused.

If Ms. Connolly and her fellow United Monroe politicians and land developers actually read the Declaration of Independence, they would end their self-serving political activity, sell their homes, and leave Monroe – being sure to apologize to every resident and taxpayer on their way out of town.

Russ Ferdico