On June 19, the Monroe Town Board will have a workshop meeting to discuss the new Comprehensive Plan for the Town of Monroe. This plan seeks to rezone 500 acres of land currently owned by the KJ Alliance.

This land is now zoned Rural Residential.

The Town Board seeks to rezone this land so the Alliance will be able to build at least four times the amount of houses currently allowed.

Since the Town Board also approved the new accessory apartment law, there will eventually be eight houses on lots of land currently for one house, or even one third of a house.

Who is behind this disastrous plan? Councilman Tony Cardone, who is running for a Town Supervisor; Councilman Mike McGinn; and Councilman Rick Colon.

Who asked them to rezone this land to allow for high density housing?

They won't say.

In addition, Emily Convers, John Allegro and Mike Egan are having closed door meetings to “negotiate” North Monroe with County Executive Steve Neuhaus and Village of KJ administrators. North Monroe will be KJ II.

Why are these meetings being held in secret?

Why is the entire Town Board of Monroe not there?

Why are these meetings not open to the public since these meetings will have a tremendous impact on everyone who lives in Orange County, in particular those of us who live in Monroe?

Let's call this massive land rezoning proposed by Cardone, McGinn and Colon what it is: a Super Annexation.

Let's call this “negotiating” how much land to give to North Monroe what it is: a “land deal.”

Monroe residents, face the fact that United Monroe leaders have, while pretending to “save” Monroe from high-density housing, they plan to “give away the store” for votes and for power.

Don't let them do it. Say no to North Monroe.

Kathryn Troiano