I am writing to announce my candidacy for Town of Monroe Councilperson.

My husband and I moved to Monroe for an opportunity to own a home, breath fresh air, and to enjoy the beautiful, rural, scenic countryside. We have lived here for 35 years and both our children are graduates of the Monroe-Woodbury School District.

Many people know me as the “lady with the water problems,” and as an advocate for the residents of Water District 12.

But my interests and experience are not limited to only my water district. I spent many years as a member of the Conservation Commission (2000-2008), as well as the Planning Board (2010-2014 and 2016 to present).

I have also participated on many additional committees. Most notably, I was on a committee in 2005 that outlined the need for additional park services and possible purchase of land for future parks; and in 2003, I was involved in a community workshop for solving land use and traffic issues.

My purpose in being a Councilperson is simple: I believe that public service is an important responsibility. It should not be a career but instead, something we do in order to make our town better and nicer.

It must also include being fiscally responsible in order to safeguard residents from excessive taxes while ensuring they get the services they need.

I have lived in the Town of Monroe for a long time and I plan on being here for many years to come. I hope all residents will sign my petitions in the days to come so that I can appear on the ballot in November.

I would like to take my experience and proven commitment to the town to the next level and serve all the residents as their next Councilperson.

Mary Bingham