The recent rash of blatant hostile comments by the KJ Administrator serves to highlight that community's complete rejection of the democratic principles under which we are governed. Threatening bloc voting, trivial law suits and the destruction of a school district only serves to highlight an agenda which disregards the public at large and our natural resources.

John Adams advocated that our national future must be based upon education which would be a path to an enlightened future. Therefore, it becomes increasingly difficult for us to progress when there is an advocacy in our midst which advances repression, theocracy and a failed societal model. Negotiation with this institution, in my view, will not serve the cause of progress for anyone. KJ is a society of the closed mind.

It exists filled with intolerance for dissidents from within and for those who are outside non-believers. It does not value the individual and freedom of thought. Its theocratic strident values are in stark contrast to a democratic society.

I submit, KJ has every right to existence, due process, constitutional protections and freedom of expression but not at the expense of its neighbors and fellow citizens.

A ghetto environment created by external or internal forces is a past which should not be revisited. History teaches that an open mind and information are the keys to a life of progress. If this goes unrecognized, we are doomed to continue to repeat the mistakes of the past.

At the current time, some of us are negotiating with the past. KJ's societal construct is one which use modernity in order to advance their theocratic goals. In truth, we are in fact negotiating against ourselves. Isolation is not what a democratic society is about. The arrogance and obstinate policy of KJ's leadership disregards its neighbors, the county, resource management, intelligent development, education and our intrinsic natural rights.

Life is too short to permit a medieval society to dictate the course of all of our lives. Its values are in sharp contrast to our Constitution and at some point our political leadership must address this fact. We all live under a construct of laws; isn't it time all of us subscribe to that precept. KJ should be cognizant of its neighbors needs and be denied its blatant flaunting of law in their understandable search for expansion.

However, unfortunately for us and them we do not live in the 19th century.

Steve Zecher