I attended the April 3rd Monroe Town Board meeting. Supervisor Doles placed a proposed “Public Forum” in two places on the agenda.

The purpose of this forum was supposed to be discussion of the petition by Kiryas Joel residents to separate their village into a new town.

In the years that I have been attending Town Board meetings, the supervisor has stifled public comment and treated female meeting attendees poorly. He’s dragged meetings out long past midnight to discourage public participation.

Throughout the Kiryas Joel annexation process, he has shown no interest in hearing the public’s opinion on the issue.

Why is Mr. Doles, who has tried so hard to silence us on very important public matters, suddenly so interested in expending town resources to host a “Public Forum” on Kiryas Joel separation?

When I returned home from the meeting, I researched the law that governs the separation of towns in New York State. The formation of a new town by Kiryas Joel is determined by the County Legislature, and then the people during an election day referendum.

Before taking their vote, the Legislature must conduct a public hearing.

The County Legislature appears to be taking their role very seriously as they prepare for the public discussion over Kiryas Joel separation.

They don’t need the circus-like distraction of a forum presided over by Harley Doles.

Whatever his motives are for his “Public Forum," it’s time for Mr. Doles to step aside and allow the County Legislature do their work without interference.

He’s not wanted our input before.

There’s no need for him to disrupt the lawful process now.

Cristina Kiesel