Jeanette Rizzi, a teacher in the Monroe-Woodbury School District, and her daughter, Abby, a junior at M-W High School, recently organized a fund raiser for Safe Homes of Orange County. Within two weeks, they had raised more than $1,000 in supplies and gift cards. "It really all started with a flyer we received in the mail and we felt that during a time of such fighting and conflict over politics and such, we decided to promote peace and kindness," Jeanette Rizzi wrote in an email exchange with The Photo News. "We reached out to a few friends and neighbors and the response was great. (Safe Homes) is an organization with ongoing needs and we were thrilled to be a part of it. It was fantastic to give back, whether in a big or small way to people in need. Every home deserves to be safe." Mother and daughter plan another fund raiser in the future.

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