A local political organization recently came out demanding a seat at the county legislative table where the process of determining whether or not a new town of North Monroe will be formed.

While this political organization has done some positive things for our town and appears to be very well informed on local issues, they are just that - a political organization, with no legislative standing at all.

Political and governing institutions are two distinct entities and should be regarded as such.

I am very well aware of their political influence throughout the town and county, but this fact alone does not give them, or any political organization for that matter, the right to demand a seat at any governing table.

If the leaders of the County Legislature believe it worth while that they appear before their committee as an expert on this issue, then so be it.

But to demand an invitation based on the claim they represent a majority of our town simply contradicts our representative form of government.

This letter is not a condemnation of this organization but simply a disagreement on how their political influence should impact county governance, with the belief that a respectful dissenting voice always makes for better politics and government.

As previously stated, this political organization has championed some good things for our town.

They have informed and mobilized the electorate, as well as getting two of their own candidates elected to our town board - two men who I happen to hold in high esteem - but if they want their voices heard at the county level, then may I suggest they run a candidate to represent them at that table

Tom Lapolla