The current situation in Orange County is encapsulates by the recent email revelation written by Gedayle Szegedin. He sent the message to the Mayor of Middletown. It simply illustrates the blatant arrogance, insensitivity and disdain which KJ has toward it's neighbor's.

The email provides an insight into KJ's total lack of concern for the environment, water resources, sewerage considerations and the general populace of the area.

KJ's goals and aspirations for an urban society are in conflict with realities of our infrastructure which is insufficient to support such an undertaking.

The blatant insensitivity of KJ toward its neighbor's is illustrated by its vindictive and frivolous lawsuit against the county

This issue highlights KJ's financial position. It receives grants, loans and other considerations from a variety of governmental sources. It is ironic that we the taxpayers are most likely paying for the cost of KJ's lawsuits.

The Environmental Facilities Corporation, or the EFC, is one of the entities which funds KJ without any oversight. Taxpayer money is utilized for grants. Where is the investigative reporting on this source of KJ funding?

Our state, county and local governments have not concerned themselves with these funding issues. We truly are in need of enforcement of current laws and statutes as well as a comprehensive plan for husbanding our resources, protecting the environment and infrastructure prior to allowing any future new home construction.

We all know that KJ is here but the overarching precept should be that it is required to conform to a sensible rate of growth akin to the environment and existing infrastructure.

Leadership requires creative management and innovative solutions. KJ and its leadership do not concern themselves with the community they live among.

They are not existing in isolation as long as they tap public funding and ignore the concerns of the public from which the obtain monies and citizenship.

KJ is part of the fabric which they are destroying through a blatant selfishness.

The result will be a county drained of its potential, its resources, tax base and social services which will decline into chaos.

Stephen Zecher