'This debate is very important to our future'

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What are United Monroe’s ideas to improve the town of Monroe?

This is a serious question that is not addressed on the UM public websites or in the comments by their leadership on public forums.

UM began as outsiders in the political process. When you are an outsider, it is easy to say that those in power are wrong, to complain, and blame everything on them.

But UM is on the inside now, with two elected board members, yet still in meetings and in print UM is about blame and complain.

Since that election town, services have been decreased and eliminated by the UM board members.

• Dial-a-bus hours - decreased.

• The Boat House - closed for 2016 and it looks like UM wants it closed forever.

• The town security force - eliminated.

• Animal control – planned for elimination.

This plan has many unanswered questions. For instance, animals must be delivered to the Woodbury facility but who will capture and deliver them if there are no animal control officers?

• Where will the next cuts be? The senior center? The highway department? Building and maintenance? The clerk’s office?

They said it was done to save money but the UM board member decisions suggest otherwise. Actions were taken, and not taken, under their direction that cost residents.

• The 2017 tax cap was exceeded, rebate checks that residents would have received are lost.

• Both UM board members voted against the solar farm, which will save town residents money in their energy bills.

• A part-time clerk position in the budget changed to a full time clerk position, which will be a new hire.

• Contracting a second audit of town finances, because the first one found no wrongdoing.

• Hiring a consultant to find a company to outsource the operations of the theater. If outsourcing will save the town money is unknown but the consultant still gets paid.

UM clearly stands against one thing, Harley Doles, and anything with which he was involved. Inconveniently, he was a town board member and town supervisor for many years so this encompasses every aspect of town government.

This is a personal grudge. UM accuses Mr. Doles of things that they find acceptable for UM.

One example: The KJ “block vote” for Mr. Doles is bad BUT the KJ-Alliance “block vote” for UM candidates is good.

Another: The accessory apartment law. Mr. Doles is for repeal.

The UM board members oppose that. And a UM leader has publicly stated he wants it to stay, for personal reasons.

This debate is very important to our future and should be about what is good for the town, not personal reasons.

United Monroe has proclaimed they will run candidates for the board this year.

What will they do if elected?

What are they asking people to vote FOR?

Can a genuinely concerned citizen vote for a UM candidate without an answer?

Greg Tucker


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