Shame on KJPE

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We, the citizens of KJ, feel ashaimed when the so-called representatives of KJ attack our neighbors in Jan. 13th letter on unbased facts regarding the boundary alteration deadline for the Monroe-Woodbury School District.

We spoke to both to the OC Planning Board and to the superintenent of the Monroe-Woodbury School District and they clearly admitted that there is "no" deadline at all for the decision of M-WSD in that topic.

We must add that from the Torah view it is absolutely forbbiden for Jews to run a secular school district; therefore the solution will not be to change borders, making the sin bigger, but to accept the Torah approach to live humbly and peacefully with our neighbors and, of course, not to overpower them with a bloc vote in any manner as we mention all of the time.

May G-d grant all of us peace and harmony.

Rabbi Yoel Loeb

Rabbi Moses Hirsch

Kj Committy for Pease & Harmony

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