The Indian Point power gap

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Congratulations to Randolph Hurst of Slate Hill: He can, apparently, afford the steep hike in his utility bills that will come with closing the Indian Point power plant.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, we’re still left with the consequences of losing a reliable local source of more than 25 percent of our baseload power, and the thousand jobs and $1.6 billion in economic activity that they facilitate.

Anyone who claims there’s no Indian Point gap doesn’t live in the Hudson Valley most of my constituents inhabit.

Renewables will eventually fill part of the gap, but those who anticipate that New York’s on the verge of surging into first place as the renewable-energy capital of the world haven’t noticed that the minute a wind turbine or solar field is proposed in this state, it will be opposed.

Speaking of which, Mr. Hurst derides CPV, a new project which will burn natural gas and will replace part of Indian Point’s production, while approving of natural-gas plants Bowline and Danskammer; the only distinction seems to be that the latter two have been in place for decades.

There’s a very limited supply of power plants that have been in place for decades, however, and they won’t make up for the electricity, jobs, and dollars that Indian Point has provided.

That’s why we need our state government to move now on removing restrictions on project siting, streamlining regulations that slow development and hiring, and lifting the taxes that add injury to insult every time we pay our utility bills.

I’m here to lead that fight for the communities and businesses I’m privileged to represent.

Karl Brabenec

Member of Assembly, 98th District

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