To all of my neighbors and friends who voted for and loudly supported Mr. James Skoufis' bid for re-election because of his positions on annexation, I want to inform you that he is now co-sponsoring Assembly Bill A01748. This bill, if passed, would allow for partial birth abortions after six months.

We all recognize the complexities of annexation and the extraordinary growth which is occurring in southern Orange County and the absence of leadership which created this debacle.

Supporting politicians, though, with the presumption they will protect local property values because they politically do battle with surrounding communities without even considering their position on the protection of the unborn is morally short-sighted to say the least.

I am respectfully requesting that we all, especially those who supported Mr. Skoufis' re-election bid, contact his office immediately and let him know that you unequivocally oppose Assembly Bill 01748, and if he does not withdraw his support for this evil legislation that you can no longer, in good conscience, support him.

Tom Lapolla