Assemblyman Brabenec’s recent letter entitled, “Power gap opens when Indian Point closes,” revealed his ignorance. He also distorted the facts.

Ineptly, he tried to gain some political mileage by criticizing Governor Cuomo for his involvement in Entergy’s decision to close an unprofitable Indian Point.

Brabenec also tried to score points with CPV, another likely corporate campaign contributor.

Brabenec hasn’t done his homework. There is no “Indian Point gap” and no need for CPV.

Nearly 3,600 megawatts of electricity have been added to the system through transmissions upgrades, efficiency and demand reduction from distributed generation since 2012.

This doesn’t count the additional 1,650 megawatts now available since Bowline and Danskammer are back in service.

In addition, Brabenec obviously doesn’t care that IP and CPV threaten public health, safety and welfare, are poor energy investments, require subsidies and mean dependency on costly archaic fossil fuel infrastructure for the foreseeable future.

Brabenec needs to smell the coffee. Indian Point threatens our future and CPV’s fracked gas power plant will contribute to global warming, climate change, extreme weather catastrophes, sickness, death and destruction.

Those who oppose IP and CPV are not “NIMBYs;" they are intelligent, informed, concerned citizens fighting to protect and preserve our valley, our state and our country; They are Americans and they welcome the transition to clean energy infrastructure.

Our state could be a leader of a healthy green energy economy predicated on renewable resources with thousands of good paying jobs.

Get on board, Assemblyman Brabenec.

Randolph Hurst

Slate Hill