Tuxedo Park School students visit China
Students experience first-hand what they have studied in the classroom

Provided photo Nine Tuxedo Park School Grade 9 students reccently completed a 10-day trip to China. Pictured from left to right are: Jillian Flynn from Chester; Zoe Al-Tawiti from Walden; Head of Tuxedo Park School Todd Stansbery; Annabelle Aptekarev of Sterling Forest; Vincent Alban of Monroe; John Ham; Tyler Swirbul of Tuxedo Park; Ian Devine of Washingtonville; Logan Punzone of Highland Mills; Maya Loehr of New Windsor; and Victoria Kaltalioglu of Newburgh.

TUXEDO PARK — To fully grasp how our global society works, it takes solid knowledge of world history and first hand experiences traveling to far away places.
Most adults lack this background and insight.
But nine Tuxedo Park School Grade 9 students are getting the grounding to be tomorrow’s leaders with their recent 10 day trip to China.
The trip afforded students rich experiences that only “being there” provides.
'Walking the Great Wall'
“It was amazing for our students to see the sites they learned about in history class,” said Tuxedo Park School Head of School Todd Stansbery, who was among the chaperones. “Educators develop curriculum that teach students about the world beyond their communities, states and country, but to actually experience far-reaches of the globe with classmates and teachers gives students an edge on becoming true citizens of the world.”
The trip was a balanced blend of fun and facts: from taking Tai Chi on the grounds of the Summer Palace in Beijing to a tour of the Forbidden City, from seeing art and architecture to enjoying authentic cuisine, the students went on an adventure that has given them insights into a country whose ancient civilization had a tremendous impact on the world.
“Everything we learned about China in class was interesting, but this trip made it more real – and even more interesting," said Victoria Kaltalioglu, one of the nine students who made the trip. "My favorite part of the trip was walking along the Great Wall."
For the past seven years, Tuxedo Park School’s Grade 9 students and faculty have ventured to China. The school believes that offering unique and rich experiences are essential in helping to prepare students to grow into future leaders in business, science, social services and politics.
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