My Grand Attic consignment shop to hold month long August sale

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  • Photo by Nancy Kriz Luis and Angela Garcia show some of the consignment merchandise available for purchase their shop, My Grand Attic, located along Millpond Parkway in Monroe, to the left of the vacant Monroe Cinema 6 Movie Theater.

MONROE — Luis Garcia wants you to know there is "business life" going on down the road from the temporarily closed Monroe Free Library and the vacant Monroe Cinema 6 Movie Theater.

And that "life," he said, offers many community benefits.

Beyond the library's construction zone and the controversy surrounding the movie theater is his shop, My Grand Attic, located in the building which, in bygone years, was the former Monroe Cheese Factory.

Garcia's shop specializes in consignment sales, and he'll be holding a special sale throughout August to clear out merchandise.

During August, all items will have an additional 50 percent to 75 percent markdown to stimulate buying to make way for fall inventory.

His shop is a undiscovered treasure chest of unwanted or unneeded items by area residents who are looking to see if they can make some money and sell them before they're donated to the Salvation Army.

And it's also a place where others can find all kinds of items, whether they're simply bargain hunters or have limited dollars to spend for whatever their personal reasons may be.

Second opportunities

Dishes, dolls, furniture, household accessories, shoes and "gently worn" clothing for the entire family and formal wear are among the many items patrons will find at deeply discounted prices. Many items still have original price tags on them.

"People like consignment because it's probably the second opportunity for the items to be used," said Garcia. "People have brand new items sitting in their closets. Maybe it's gift and they don't want it. We are not a second hand store. We receive good stuff. We have high end items. Few things are barely new and most things are new."

The way it works is simple: Garcia keeps 60 percent of the sale price and the customer gets 40 percent. If, after 60 days, the item is not sold, Garcia personally brings it to the Salvation Army in Middletown to be donated, and the receipt for tax purposes is given to the customer.

"Sometimes people want to get a couple dollars back (on their items), or they may need the money, there's nothing wrong about it," said Garcia. " Some people say this is for donation after 60 days."

There's also a return policy, which he said is uncommon in the consignment business.

And, some customers bring Garcia a "wish list" of item they are looking for and he's happy to oblige.

"We have the best policy around," Garcia said.

550 customer accounts and growing

There's no consignment fees and all items are insured. Garcia said he keeps detailed records on all items left with the shop, and is dedicated to keeping his customers - whether they're looking for something or looking to sell something - happy.

"Business is great, people are responding very well," he said. "We work very well in the community. The community needs this and they support us very well."

Right now, he's got more than 550 customer accounts and expects his customer base to grow.

"People have been well responding, it's overwhelming," he said. "This is an idea that came to my mind when I saw my daughter's closet full of clothing and she was complaining that she didn't have anything to wear. That's how the idea came about. Customers want to get rid of their things. "

Garcia also works with customers who want to sell products on eBay, with a link on his website showing items and details about his eBay process and how the general consignment process works.

The shop is open on Wednesdays from 2 to 6 p.m. and Thursdays through Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. To learn more, call 987-6451 or visit:

- Nancy Kriz

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