'Hypocrisy and falsehoods'

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Had Ms. Graetzer performed even a modicum of fact-checking, her “editorial” could have presented an unbiased perspective instead of the gross manufacturing of falsehoods and inaccurate information. Here are the facts, of which I have first-hand knowledge.

Supervisor Mike Rost and former Supervisor Peter Dolan enjoy a cordial and cooperative relationship. Immediately after the election, former Supervisor Dolan extended an open invitation to Supervisor Rost to call/visit/email/text and otherwise contact him so that they could meet and discuss the workings of the Office of Supervisor and all current and future issues affecting the Town of Tuxedo.

In fact, former Supervisor Dolan and Supervisor Rost attended meetings together just days after the election, one with the Thruway Authority regarding bridge replacement matters and the other with O&R Utilities.

Mike’s schedule did not permit him an opportunity to meet with Peter until late-December but he was able to attend all meetings of the Town Board and joined the Board, at Peter’s invitation, in Executive Session. Ms. Graetzer, also claimed to have knowledge of how I and fellow councilmember’s Phelps and Spivak would vote on Mr. Dolan’s possible appointment, yet she did not bother to contact any one of us to ask that question.

Clearly, she must be clairvoyant.

It is not uncommon in a transition for the person leaving his/ her term to tie up loose ends and finalize open issues. Ms. Graetzer sharply criticizes Peter for attempting to do just that although it’s common business practice. Had he forced a vote on the zoning code issue, I would agree with her, but that is not what occurred. It is important to know that this same zoning issue has been ongoing for at least 10 years, having begun before Mr. Dolan took office, and has received occasional attention. When more pressing issues have arisen over the years, the zoning changes were put aside.

A great deal of progress was made during Mr. Dolan’s administration and the zoning update was nearly complete, until the Tuxedo Reserve project took precedence and, again, zoning changes were delayed. Ms. Graetzer’s implication of something sinister here is wrong and creates undeserved resentment and divisiveness.

As for Mr. Dolan meeting with Watchtower representatives, it was done so at Watchtower’s specific request in order to meet their timeline needs, and certainly not at his bidding.

There is no question that the townspeople of Tuxedo have voted in a new Supervisor. I look forward to the next two years working with Supervisor Rost in meeting the needs of our Town. A point excluded from Mary’s editorial but worthy of mention here is that, in addition to Mike Rost’s election as Town Supervisor with 525 votes this past November, two other Board members were elected by residents to represent the town: Lisa Spivak with 544 votes and myself with 454 votes.

It is unfortunate that Ms. Graetzer continues to promote misinformation at the end of Mr. Dolan’s term when he has no voice or opportunity to discount these allegations. It is discouraging when misinformation is disseminated as fact to the public in an “editorial” column. Peter has since removed himself from consideration for the Planning Board so as to not create conflict. .

When Ms. Graetzer chose to portray misinformation and falsehoods on her own platform under the guise of editor, I can’t help but feel that that she does a disservice to the Tuxedo community. Her indignation is actually surprising since she did not react at all when a former trustee to the Village of Tuxedo Park, where she lives, lost his seat in the June 2013 election but was later not only appointed as a trustee, but as Deputy Mayor. The people had spoken in that circumstance, too, but that appointment went unacknowledged by Ms. Graetzer. I suppose that Ms. Graetzer sought the last word against former Supervisor Dolan. I hope that in two years’ time history does not repeat itself and turn the misinformation towards Supervisor Rost.

Tuxedo Councilman

Clifford Loncar

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