Emily Convers outlines United Monroe's platform

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I got involved in local politics when I found out the Town of Monroe purchased the movie theater without public input in order to consolidate town offices and courthouse. I called Harley Doles to ask him why the Town purchased the building when I read in the Times Herald Record article (dated November 20th 2012) that two other bidders were there to purchase the building to open the theater again. The first thing out of Councilman Doles' mouth was a lie. He told me, and he still says to this day that the other two bidders planned on turning the theater into an office building.

When your first interaction with your elected official is a lie, it prompts you to act. I started attending Town Board meetings. I wasn't alone. Hundreds of us showed up to protest the irresponsible purchase of the theater. We started a Facebook page and an online petition. We rallied. Thousands of us urged the Town Board to reverse the purchase, but they didn't listen.

Something else happened along the way. I learned about the Town Board's agenda. That agenda is to represent the Village of Kiryas Joel and to secure their positions. I learned of the Town Board creating a full time Acting Supervisor position for 42K and giving it to Councilman Doles. I learned of the Highway Contract with KJ which was negotiated by Councilman Doles two years prior to its expiration which benefits the Village of KJ greatly and is costing the taxpayers of Monroe thousands each year to pave the roads in that village. I learned of the annexation lawsuit our Board launched against the Town of Woodbury on behalf of a KJ developer and I learned of the Highway Department being decimated by our Town Board much to the detriment of the citizens who rely on having roads, water meters, plowing and paving, and clean up after storms taken care of in a timely and efficient manner.

I sent out an e-mail to over 2,000 people on the movie theater petition list asking if anyone would be willing to run for the Town Board this year. No one answered. I knew someone needed to step up. I was warned that it would get ugly. I was told that I would be attacked. I thought long and hard about it, and stepped up when no one else wanted to.

I could go through each line of Councilman Doles' letter to discount the remarks and "rumors" he attributed to me that I never said, but I'd rather tell you what United Monroe plans to do for Monroe.

• When elected, we pledge to ensure that all commercially zoned land stays that way to promote commercial tax revenue to offset the property and school taxes we all pay.

• We pledge to immediately drop the law suit against the Town of Woodbury for the annexation of Woodbury's 14 acres into the Village of Kiryas Joel.

• We pledge to eliminate the 42K full time Acting Supervisor position (this position doesn't exist in any other town in Orange County).

• We pledge to join Harriman and Woodbury in their fight for proper permitting and Environmental studies with regards to the KJ pipeline.

• We pledge to ensure that public comment is allowed at ALL Town Board meetings and that meetings are held in a civil and transparent manner.

• We pledge to do the business of the Town and will represent ALL of the citizens of Monroe.

• We pledge to immediately call for an internal audit of the finances of the Town in order to economically examine how best to streamline the government and eliminate waste.

• We pledge to uphold tight environmental reviews of all projects.

• We pledge to insist and ensure that the natural beauty and aesthetics of our surroundings are protected and maintained for future generations.

• We pledge to create an accountable, civil and transparent government who really listens to the people. ALL of the people.

In closing, I would like to mention that I challenged Acting Supervisor Doles and Supervisor Leonard to a public debate. They both declined. It is my belief that the public deserves to hear their elected officials and candidates speak on the important issues facing Monroe in person, in a moderated setting, in order to make an informed decision for the future of Monroe. Obviously my opposition doesn't agree and would rather write nasty letters to The Photo News and illegally stuff letters in mailboxes in hopes that people will buy their propaganda and lies.

We have the numbers to gain a majority on the Town Board.

So, what can you do? You can vote on Nov. 5 for United Monroe and tell all of your friends to do the same.

Vote as though the future of your Town depends on it.

Because it does.

Emily Convers

Candidate for Town Supervisor

United Monroe Party

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