Sacred Heart Parish to perform ‘The Carpenter and the Christ’ May 3-5

James Dawson, Cecilia Santoli, Gavin Santoli, Bianca Mangonon, Brianna Mangonon and Sophie Marseille are part of the cast of ‘The Carpenter and the Christ,” Sacred Heart Parish’s first ever musical productions. Shows are May 3 and 4 at 7:30 p.m.; and May 5 at 3 p.m. at the Sacred Heart School gym. submitted photo

Sacred Heart Parish will present its first original musical production called “The Carpenter and the Christ,” with three performances on May 3 and 4 at 7:30 p.m., and May 5 at 3 p.m., at the Sacred Heart School gym.
The play aims to recognize the role of St. Joseph as Jesus’ father; inspire Christian believers to imitate his faith, values and wisdom; and to strengthen the spirituality of Christian community through Christian-themed musicals, according to organizers.
St. Joseph’s name was only mentioned 13 times in the New Testament and he does not even have any recorded dialogue.
“No wonder there are not many plays or movies written about him,” said co-director Rollie Mangonon of Monroe. “And yet, few of us realize that he was the biggest influence in Jesus’ formative years as a father, mentor, provider, protector and friend. This musical also highlights the importance of a father and son relationship.”
The two-act play features 20 original contemporary Christian songs.
The story, music and lyrics were written by Mangonon and his wife Sharon Mangonon and have been staged since 2006 in various parishes in Bergen County and Rockland County.
The play is directed both Mangonons and daughter Bianca Mangonon.
Cast and crew consist of Sacred Heart Church parishioners and their immediate families.
John Drumgoole will appear as Joseph with Victoria Borowski will be playing Jesus's mother, Mary.
The role of 7-year-old Jesus will be played alternately by Jonathan Cortez, James Vella and Christopher Robertson.
Andrew Vella and Ryan Nevin will act alternately as the 12-year-old Jesus.
The adult Jesus will be played alternately by James Dawson and Gavin Santoli.
Supporting cast includes Tom Lowe as Johab as the innkeeper; Glenn Robertson as Simeon; Katie Robertson and Sarah Vella will alternate as Anna; Emma Regenauer as Joseph’s mother; Sophie Merseille and Sarah Schiller will alternate as Martha; and Randy Bauemfiend as Rueben.
Ensemble members are: Bianca Mangonon, Brianna Mangonon, Cecilia Santoli, Molly Schiller, Mason Yamamoto, and Logan Yamamoto.
Band members are: Beth Crescimanno on keyboard; Armando Quinones on electric guitar; Henry Mindicino on acoustic guitar; Dominic Crescimanno on bass guitar; Charles LeViseur on percussions; and Josh LeViseur on drums with Bill Tuthill as musical director.
Props and lighting will be handled by Ed Marino and wife Janice.
Tickets are for $20 for general admission, $15 for senior citizens or students, and $70 for a family of five.
For more information, call 782-8510 or visit or