'Do we really want to go there again?'

I write in response to Mr. Keith Walters’ “Service” letter in which he suborned our military members to willfully violate lawful orders by encouraging them to “refuse to be used” on our southern border.
A half-century ago, many of those opposed to our involvement in Vietnam similarly used our servicemen in their disagreement with the government.
Not content with conducting protests and occupying college buildings, many assaulted and spit upon our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines.
Many of our soldiers were draftees, involuntarily ordered into service and sent to war by the executive, funded by the Congress; the actions of the executive and Congress were never stopped by the courts.
Do we really want to disparage our military members?
Do we really want to go there again?
I ask my fellow Americans to refrain from denigrating our military members who are required by law to follow the orders of their superior officers.
This is a political disagreement to be debated in the public square and decided at the ballot box.
Allow our soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen to perform their duty.
William Sweet